Monday, May 3, 2010

Get Inspired

In honour of my birthday (mmm hmm, that is honour with a U.  I am feeling very British today!) my get inspired post is all about fantasy.  That world of whimsy we slip into every so often where all of our day to day problems disappear.

So my fantastically fantastical fantasy for today is Princess Devon of some far away island where it is always a beautiful 80 degrees and my palace overlooks my own private beach.  On that private beach will be a little white tent set up with two little round tables each with place settings for five. There I will have a tea party with all of by best girlfriends (because I really do love tea very much), and this lovely tea party will be followed by an evening soiree on the beach.  Complete with a live band and one hundred of my closest friends where I will throw my head back in laughter every so often just to show everyone how fabulous I still am at thirty-two *smile*.    Nice one, right?

photos courtesy of la boom!

So....what inspires you?



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