Thursday, April 15, 2010

I heart Target!

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore Target?  I do, for so many reason and although lately my reason of choice has been that the Target nearest my home has started selling groceries at an insanely low price I have had a long lasting love affair with the chain.  But what I love most is that they always attempt to give their consumer high style at an affordable price whether it be for the home, fashion, or children.

Even more reason to love Target:  They are known for teaming with some of the most renowned designers to bring high fashion to those of us on a budget.  Gotta love 'em for that!

Now even though they don't carry most of these lines any longer I just wanted to share just how fabulous  Target has been to us fashionistas in the past!  Enjoy!

Zac Posen for Target:

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target: 



Liberty of London for Target:


Rodarte for Target:


Anna Sui for Target:

Alexander McQueen for Target:



Erickson Beamon for Target:

Gotta love it!




  1. That stuff isn't at my Target!!!
    You know I got a bad ass motorcycle jacket from there once... but the Faux HAute Couture isn't in my Target!!!
    Damn how can I talk to the regional buyer??
    I am a Target-a-holic too....

  2. LOL! Well you can always go to They carry most of these lines at my Target and they are actually pretty nice in person!


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