Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mission sewing room, from drab to fab!

I have been busy, busy, busy sewing up a storm in my, for lack of a better term, little sewing nook.  I say this because I do not actually have my own sewing room, I create all my fabulousness from a little corner of my basement.   Wonk, wonk, wonk :-(  So lately I have been having visions of what my dream sewing room would look like when I actually have an entire space to call my own and here are some of the cute ideas I have come across.

First and foremost I would like a space with a lot of natural light therefore a room like this with lots of windows would be ideal.

Secondly, I would like something with lots and lots of shelving for all of the delicious fabrics that I acquire.

Thirdly, cabinet space is very important and I would love to have something like this with pull out shelves! 

I would also like enough table space to put both of my machines on AT THE SAME TIME!!  Moving my machines every time I need to use the other is a pain in the you know what.

And lastly, I would love for my space to be pretty and girly and frilly.  A place where I can go and feel the inspiration hit immediately as I step through the door.

So that is my dream sewing room.  Now I just have to move into a four bedroom house to make it all happen!



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