Sunday, March 7, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I am a firm believer in looking cute no matter what the weather.  Also, I am never opposed to a little quirkiness in ones wardrobe.  So being that we are coming up on the rainy season I decided to feature some fun, funky and functional rain gear.

Now, I have to be honest....I own none of the pieces featured below.  Every year I vow to get a pair of funky rain boots and a cool looking water resistant trench (however, if we are being totally honest here, I am waiting for someone to make a cute water resistant hooded poncho with lots of pockets. Because when grocery shopping with three kids in tow it is impossible to carry an umbrella!  ...Hey wait, maybe I can make one!) and although I never ever buy boring plain black umbrellas because I always like to stand out, even in the rain, I always seem to lose them and end up just grabbing my husbands plain boring black umbrella.  So maybe these items will not only inspire you to get chic for the infamously rain soaked early spring but maybe they will inspire me too.  I am due for a new umbrella!

The Trenches: All of the below trench coats are water resistant!!!  It is not a raincoat if it isn't so  read the label!

Although I never love black coats I do know that they are practical and everyone needs one and I thought that this was a very cute black trench...if your inclined to buy black. *wink*

Fun, Funky and Functional Boots

Of course the most expensive ones would be my favorites!

Can't remeber for the life of me what website I found these one but I do know that they are Burberry.  Sorry.

The finishing touch: The Umbrella

Love, love, love this one and it comes in all sorts of fantastic colors if your willing to shell out the $129 smakaroos for it

Losing my mind...where'd I find this one?!?!  Oh well its still cute.

How cute is this?

Springs almost here!




  1. Thanks!! I will make sure and get some of these for my trip. ;P

  2. Oh yeah girl...there is a good chance you will need them! LOL


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