Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My thoughts on style part 4: Accessories

I believe in chunky jewelry.  I believe that the right accessories can make an outfit.  I believe in piling it on but looking at it with an editing eye.  I believe that to go out without earrings on is the equivalent of going out naked.  I believe that we should not be confined to silver and gold.  And I believe that the perfect belt can truly set off your outfit.

For all of these reasons, this entry on accessories has taken me a while to publish because they are obviously very important to a woman's overall look.  When planning an outfit one of the very first things I consider is what accessories I want to wear, then I plan the rest of my look around that.  Usually, shoes, bags etc. will fall into place once you know what type of accessories you are going for.  Bold and colorful, simple and understated, chunky and overdone.  All of these choices can navigate the rest of your look from outfit to makeup to hair and, in my opinion, needs to be planned out thoughtfully.  However, do be aware of over accessorizing!  Keep in mind I said to use an editing eye.  Do not  pile on every piece of jewelry you own. Be careful of pairing oversized earrings with an oversized necklace and when piling on the  bracelets make sure they complement each other.  If you are unsure take something off, but ladies, please do not be afraid of accessories, they are your friends!

Below are some ideas of  different accessory styles.




Earrings & Broaches 


Images courtesy of net-a-porterKhol's & Metropark



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