Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nooo, not my babies!

This is a totally random and unfashion related post but I still wanted to write about how quickly my children are growing up.  *Sigh* Today was the twins first day in their new pre-school 1 class room and their first step toward big-boydum *sigh*.  I have to admit that although they are only two and a half and they only moved one classroom over I got a little choked up when I dropped them off this morning.  They are in a new more "structured" setting with most of the kids being older than they are and here they begin to reinforce all of the basics such as numbers, letters, shapes and colors...they even have computers in the classroom!  You may be wondering why I was so choked up because this sounds like a good thing.  And it is!  But it also means that my babies wont be babies for much longer.  I know how quickly this all flies by because I have been through it once before.  My first born, the light of my life, the apple of my eye went from this adorable, kissable, squeezable baby to this big boy (who turns 6 this month 6!!!!) who talks non-stop and 90% of what he says is "mommy, can I?"

While Eric will always be my baby, he clearly no longer is a baby.

So now I only have two babies left and if I thought the last 6 years went by fast...well the last two and a half are a complete blur.  The twins literally, in my mind, went from infants to walking talking, demanding toddlers, who, as much as I may complain, have mommy totally wrapped around their cute little fingers.  

When did this happen??? *Sigh*  Now I get why people like the Duggers have so many kids (okay, maybe not that many kids) because it is kind of sad knowing this is the last time, and trust me this is my last time, you will ever have tiny, or not quite so tiny anymore, babies.  *loooong sigh*

Well, I hear my little angels and they sound like they may be getting into some trouble so I'd better go check and make sure the kitchen isn't covered in their dinner!


-Devon *sigh*

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