Friday, March 5, 2010

Joann's is the devil!

So the other day there was this one pattern that I wanted to pick up so I went to to see if they were having any sales or coupons.  Of course they were, this is Joann's we are talking about!  They were having a sale on Butterick patterns just a few days latter...for $0.99 each.  I did not want a Butterick pattern, I wanted a McCalls but still I waited the two days for the sale to start before I ventured out to Joann's to pick up my pattern.  I sat down with the Butterick catalog, just to have a quick look, maybe I would pick up one or two. Nope, I got ten.  But thats not all, once I was done looking at the patterns of course I had to just take a peek at the red tag fabric section because, you never know.  I have found several hidden gems in that area.  So lets see, ten patterns and seven and a half yards of fabric later I was headed for the door.  All in all I'd say I had a good trip, although I never did get that McCall's pattern I wanted.  Maybe next trip....

Here is a look a few of the patterns that I picked up, what do you think?



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