Saturday, February 20, 2010

A day in the life

I am very bored today!  I have a lot of sewing to get done but can't really get to it until I get the boys to sleep.   Why you ask, well I will show you.  This is what it looks like when I attempt to sew with them in the room:

Yes, they came over and tried to build a tower with my sewing supplies right in front of my machine as I was sewing.  Notice how in picture A Brandon is trying to climb up on my lap in order to better build the tower.  Sheesh!

So with nothing on television (although I do have a back episode of  The Biggest Loser to watch) and nothing interesting happening on Facebook, I may be doing a lot of blogging this evening until my little angels fall asleep.  I have a few entries that I have been woriking on but just have not gotten around to finishing yet so tonight may be the night.  ;-)

TTYVSIS (talk to you very soon I'm sure),


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