Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My fab favorite Designers: Alexander McQueen

I want to do a series on my favorite designers but being that there are quite a few I will spotlight each of them individually. Lets start with Alexander McQueen, shall we? Why? Because I love him...no I mean really, I LUVVV him! Like I said before, I am a color and pattern freak. I like all things colorful and unique and Alex (that's what those of us close to him call him, Alex) gives us all that and then some. His prints are just insane, XOXO, jadore and all that good stuff!

Below are a few of my favorite pieces from his pre-spring and spring RTW wear collections. Now, I couldn't get all the pictures I wanted unfortunately, there are some pieces that I wanted to show you all that are just to die for but for some reason my computer wouldn't save them. However, we will be revisiting Alex at a later date and I will post more of my faves from him then, until that time arrives enjoy the show!

How sick is this picture? <3

I would rock this outfit in a heart beat! Minus the shoes.
Don't really know the appropriate occasion to wear this one but if I found it, I would rock the ish out of this too! lol

These leggings are $635.  Some may say that is a lot for leggings, I say: Worth. Every. Penny!



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