Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Show

A Tribute to the tents

I know you all out there in blog land have been waiting with bated breath to hear about my trip to the Venexiana show not to worry I am here I am to tell you all about it!

Now, where to start? Well I guess we should start at the beginning with my outfit. I was literally sewing out the door! I loved the pants, they fit great and I loved the way the fabric looked, although I would never make that type of pant out of that silk again. With no lycra in them I couldn't even bend! Every time I dropped something, someone else had to bend and pick it up for me!! The top on the other hand, I wish I'd had more time to work on. There were a few more details that I wanted to add to it that I just didn't have the time for. and I would have changed the sleeves slightly and possibly the hem. However, like I said, I was sewing myself out the door so it was what it was. Besides we had our coats on for about 70% of the time we were there so I guess it didn't matter all that much after all.

Now that we have discussed the outfit, lets move on to the good stuff...Bryant Park!  Now I have been in and around Bryant Park many times but never once have I been around fashion week so this was the first time I have ever seen it with the tents erected.  Obviously I attempted to act cool but inside I was dancing and screaming like a little girl.  The entire thing was really just lovely, the atmosphere was great everyone looked fabulous (some in their own "unique" way) and there was free stuff!  All of my friends know I am a sucker for free stuff, especially food, but unfortunately there was none of that there.  Go figure, no food at a fashion event.  Here are some pics of us in the foyer:

Watching the Alexander McQueen tribute during Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief - Haiti show going on just steps away from where we were standing.

Then came the show.  I was a tad bit surprised at how intimate the tent felt, anywhere you sat you had a "good seat".  We were seated directly across from Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez and just seats away from the dandy and Launch My Line contestant Patrick McDonald.

Now, if I am being honest, and that is what this blog is all about, honesty, I didn't love the Venexiana collection.  She did have a few very nice pieces and a few great designs that I think would have been amazing had she chosen different fabric, however overall, 40% of the collections was too prom-like, the other 40% was too aged  and just 20% was just the right mix of youthful and edgy.  Here are some of the high and low lights of the show.

And this concludes my fashion week coverage.  Lets see if we can work our way into Lincoln Center for the next one *wink, wink*.



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