Thursday, February 4, 2010

I AM GOING TO FASHION WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, I am sorry, did I fail to mention that little detail? Well...I am (huge cheshire cat grin)!  Yes this friday I will be amoungst the fabulous people at New York's Mercedees Benz Fashion Week at the Venexiana show.  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!  My wonderful cousin managed to score us seats and immediately, well after dancing an irish jig around the room, I thought "what the hell am I going to wear?"  For days I pondered what look I wanted to go for.  I knew I wanted it to be fairly simple and understated, I wanted to look effortlessly stylish.  And then one night while laying in bed just before I fell asleep (which is when all of my best ideas come to me) the perfect look floated into my thoughts. 

I am a color freak.  I love all things bright and colorful and that will make you stand out in the crowd but for this occasion I didn't want to do anything too bright so I decided to do a silk charmeuse blouse in a golden/ mustard color paired with some funky black pants and chunky jewelery. Now that the look was in place I just had to hope upon hope that I could find the perfect fabric for this look that was dancing around in my head.  So with just 8 days until the big event I braved the 31 degree cold and took a trip into the city to go fabric shopping (and believe me, it was very cold!!!).  Fortunately, I knew exactly where I wanted to look and this is what I found:
Silk Charmeuse in mustard & black raw silk for the pants


Now it is time for me to get to work.  I will update you all on my progress and I will be sure to post lots of pics of the final outfit as well as (fingers crosses) us in front of the tents in Bryant Park!



BTW do you love my fabric choices?  The charmeuse is so beautiful I am tempted to make a dress out of it...but that would be for another occasion.

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