Friday, February 19, 2010

Feedback: Color, color and more color

Since we are on the topic of color I thought I would share with you all the color pallete for the clothes I am creating for my website.  Because I am a fan of bright colors I wanted to use colors that really pop for spring.  So aside from the traditional black and white pieces that you will inevitably see mixed in I opted to go for mostly brights with a few pastels to set it off. 

Because I originally was going for about 20 pieces I chose 9 base colors but now I am not sure if they will all make it.  If all went according to plan here are the colors I would love to have included in the collection:

Super Lemon
Fusion Coral
Rococco Red
Vibrant Green

I would love to hear your feedback on these color choices.  Do you love them?  Do you hate them?  Is there one that you particularly like or loathe?  And most importantly which would you definitley like to see included in the site and maybe in your own wardrobe?


  1. Hi , just want to tell u to keep on doing your lifes passion your blog / site is great im not into fashion but i am into seeing young people like yourself doing your thing . I am Kyle Steele dad and i have met your husband and your sons , u have a great family u are blessed stay strong and keep up the great work .Ralph Steele.

  2. Thank you so much Mr. Steele! The words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!

  3. I really like the croissant and the fusion coral. I personally look for those colors when I am thinking about my spring wardrobe, especially since they are both earthy tones. I also think that they are safe colors for the sophisticated women who wants to add color to the closet but doesn't want to go all out, or to loud. But besides that go girl do your thing and by chance with all those boys are you going to be designing little girls clothing?


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