Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

Hi All and happy February! Sooo happy January is over! I love the winter, holiday season and snow and all but, honestly by January I am over it. So now that it is February I feel like we've gotten over the hump and spring is just around the corner.

Since I am new to this whole blogging thing, I am posting a little more frequently than I may normally tend to because I want to catch you all up to where I am currently. Well, that is one reason. The other is because my boys (the twins) are getting their first taste of freedom with toddler beds and they think that bedtime is playtime and therefore I have to stay in this darkened room with them until they fall asleep just to ensure that they don't tear the place apart.

You have seen the pictures of the first really wearable dresses that I made but since then I have made a TON of things that I want to share with you. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of everything but I will share what I do have:

This I made for a friend of mine to wear on her honeymoon. She wanted a sundress but it evolved into this maxi-dress made of a light weight viscose. This, unfortunately is the only picture I have and it is not very good and it was only about 85% done at the time but you get the idea.

This one was made for a friend to wear to a wedding. The bodice on this is shirred and was absolutely gorgeous!

This dress was made for a friend to wear to a Christmas party.

I LOVE this little dress! It originally started as a tunic but I needed a dress to wear to an event I was attending last October so I just added a little length and voila, a dress! I really wish you could see the detail in the dress better, but it is made of a simple black poplin, with black satin accents on the trim, pockets and yoke. The yoke is also trimmed with a black separating zipper (non-functional as I cut the zipper pull off). The sleeves and the shoulders are done in a metallic fabric that I found amongst some brocades and sari fabrics. When I saw it I was in love but I knew it was a lot so I had to make whatever I paired it with simple. My husband HATED the metallic and was constantly making fun of me for buying it until he saw the finished product.

Just a simple cowl neck top I made but I loved this fabric...someone spilled red wine all over it. R.I.P cowl neck top in the lovely cotton jersey that was so soft I could wear it to sleep in.

This top is actually pretty popular, I have sold a couple of them. Nothing fashion forward but it is great to throw on to go to the grocery store in place of sweats. This is the best kind of look for me as a mother of three who doesn't want to look like those moms you see walking around in their PJ's and leftover lunch in their hair!

And last but not least, this is the very FIRST item I ever completed. It is made from some fabric that my grandmother bought probably in the 70's or 80's. This was made from Kwik Sew pattern 3692.

Yes I do use patterns occasionally but only for certain things. I have used them in the past to help perfect my sewing skills or to make myself something quick and easy. I don't really like to break out too many of my own designs for everyday wear I save those for when I am going to an event where I need to look fabulous. I am saving most of my own designs for my website. Those photos I am not sharing just yet...I may give you all a sneak peek when it gets closer to launch time though *smile*

Well, the boys are finally asleep so I am logging off for tonight.



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  1. I am EXCITED to see that you have a blog!! That's fantastic!! I am ECSTATIC about the journey that you are on and I will be taking the ride with you. Looking forward to owning some Devon Thomas originals :)


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