Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2010 (in other words, colors you should have in your closet)

For all of you ladies out there wondering what the top 10 colors are for women this spring here is a look at Pantone's Fashion Color Report.  Get your credit cards out ladies, we got some shoppin' to do!

Turquoise PANTONE 15-5519

Tomato Puree PANTONE 18-1661 

Fusion Coral PANTONE 16-1543


Violet PANTONE 16-3320

Tuscany PANTONE 16-1219

Aurora PANTONE 12-0642

Amparo Blue PANTONE 18-3945

Pink Champagne PANTONE 12-1107

Eucalyptus PANTONE 15-0513

Dried Herb PANTONE 17-0627

Happy Shopping!



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  1. Devon, I am loving following your journey. Love the it all!..So excited for you. :-)



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