Monday, February 22, 2010

Designing vs. Sewing


There is a vast difference between designing clothing and actually making clothing. When designing, your creativity is flowing freely and you can come up with litleraly hundreds of different ideas within a relatively short amount of time. Being creative is kind of like a high. Sewing on the other hand takes a lot of patience. It is not fast paced and can at times be extremely tedious and frustrating. I've always known I loved to design clothes and really just to be creative in general, and although it only made sense that I should love to create my favorite thing (clothes), I had no idea how much I would love to sew until I learned a year ago.

With that said even the most passionate sewers, I am sure, must at times feel the discouragement that sewing can bring. Just one wrong stitch can have you taking an entire garment apart and starting from scratch...if you want it to look perfect. Which is why, just for a little bit I'd lost my sewing mojo. Not that I stopped sewing at all, don't have time for that, but my desire did wane a tad bit. It just seemed as though while I loved the concept of everything that I was making the reality just was not living up to the "what could be". That can be so infuriating! But when you finish a garment and it looks even better than what you'd imagined it all feels worth it. So while I will always have new designs running through my mind, I am sure that from time to time my sewing "mojo" will ebb, and I will look forward to the day that I can hire someone to sew for me, I will never stop sewing. Because nothing feels better than creating the perfect garment with your own two hands!



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