Saturday, February 20, 2010

I wanna make

Although I have a ton of things I still need to get sewn for, not only the website but also for others who have ordered items I also need to start working on my own summer wardrobe. I am really trying to exclusively wear things that I have made. Well, almost exclusively, tee's, tanks, jeans and thrown on items like that it really just makes more sense to buy.

On my computer I have an 'I wanna make' folder for any items that I come across online that may be out of my price range, that I think would look great with a few tweaks here and there or I think would look great in this fabric I have already purchased and has been sitting around just waiting for the right garment.

For my summer wardrobe I am going to primarily use patterns (since I have about 200 of them and some of them are really cool, BTW, especially the retro ones) because it is just easier than trying to make my own pattern and then testing it in muslin and then if all is correct cutting the actual garment....that is a lot of work just for little ol' me! So with some adjustments here and there I think I can make each of these looks/patterns my own and have a good start to a fabulous summer/spring wardrobe!


The middle dress is actually pretty spot on so there wont be too many adjustments to make to pull off this look shown above.

                                                                                            New Look 6804

This pattern will take a lot of adjusment but I think it will do the trick!


I love this jacket from Christian Dior's spring 2010 couture collection, but unfortunately I can't even come close to affording it, lol.  So I think this Vogue pattern can get me pretty darn close for a fraction of the price.  What do you all think??

There are a lot more things that "I wanna make" but I think that I will start with these three and go from there.  I will be sure to update you on my progress!

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